Botanically dyed adornments for walls & floors.


Entirely handmade with locally grown fibres & printed with our own plant based inks.



Our exqusite woven & plant dyed palm mirrors are coming soon for preorder.

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Inspired by Colombia's dramatic landscapes, abundant nature and heritage crafts, WATI offers objects & accessories designed to soothe and inspire.

Combining the ingenuity of traditional craftmanship with a minimalist aesthetic, each piece is designed in celebration of the beauty of natural materials & the artisanal process.

Craft as symbols of connection, presence & appreciation.


is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world with a rich craft & cultural history. It is full of native plants that produce fibres & colours for dyes.

We choose to work exclusively with regionally sourced materials, and native dyes in support of; local economies, the continuation of traditional knowledge, reduced transportation and the health of individuals, communities & ecosystems.


was born from a desire to support indigenous artisan communities & our partnerships are based on a deep respect for traditional cultures and skills. We work closely with each individual, group & community ~ designing & creating beauty, while honouring needs & celebrating skill, through flexible and fair employment.



Werregue basketry is a form of weaving unique to Colombia, specifically to the Choco region, the only department of Colombia with borders on both the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. This...

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Ode to Aquarius

Designed in 2020 amidst the chaos and the loneliness, the quiet and the creative, in the shadows and the light I spent many hours drawing & painting with my kids,...

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 In the subtropical foothills of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta – the highest coastal mountain range in the world, the indigenous reserve of the Kankuamo is located with Guatapuri...

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