Our take on a traditional mochila bag - all plant dyed, all organically grown fique,  combined with leather selected from industry waste, here is a collection of mini bags designed to accompany you on your everyday adventures.


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 Our mirror collection combines the exquisite weaving of werregue palm by the Wounaan with our unique designs. The weaving is made up of plant dyed palm, intricately woven around a wooden frame.


 The ongoing situation due to the pandemic here in Colombia has severely delayed some of our collections as production and supplies from remote communities have been limited or stopped all together.


UPDATE!!! Mirrors are finally in our hands  and will be listed very soon!

Please sign up to our email to be the first to know when they become available.

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Ode to Aquarius

A mini collection of palm weavings ~ designed by us, plant dyed & handwoven by a cooperative of women in the wetlands of Northern Colombia.

Designed & made to soothe, connect and inspire our relationship to one another & the natural world. 

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In studio wood block prints, printed onto handmade fique paper.


Our prints are designed & hand block printed in our studio onto fique paper. The fique  has been grown locally and later handmade into paper using zero chemicals by local female paper makers. 


We currently use water based inks and we are developing a range of plant based inks from native species we hope to use into the future.


Due to the current political situation here in Colombia we are currently donating 100% PROFIT FROM ALL SALES OF SMALL PRINTS TO TEMBLORES - a local human rights NGO.

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An inevitable part of production when working with new designs, colourways and dimensions is that some pieces produced just aren't quite right.

While we honour and celebrate the uniqueness and minor variations between each piece, we want you to receive and love a piece which is as close to the image you see here as possible. For this reason, we have a sample sale running which will allow you to purchase a weaving at a hugely reduced rate. 

Please see each image for specific details of the piece and why it is reduced. 

All the sale prices include shipping.

Happy shopping! 

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Handwoven palm placemats, plant dyed napkins and handbuilt ceramics, a collection of thoughtful, practical and beautiful pieces for your table.

*  Due to the ongoing situation due to the pandemic here in Colombia, part of this collection has been severely delayed. To be informed of when new pieces become available please sign up to our mail list!

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A collection of dreamy organic cotton pieces to wear.

Each crafted using the only organic cotton still grown for commercial use in Colombia.

Cultivated traditionally for generations, the cotton is spun, plant dyed and woven in neighbouring communities by an all female cooperative. 

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A small collection of handpicked pieces from the families and communities we work with and from our continuing adventures through Colombia. These pieces are all designed & made by artisans themselves, and in some cases vintage. 

In response to the pandemic, and as requested by some of our loyal customers we have created this space to continue offering some traditional crafts, while supporting artisans through particularly challenging times. 

We will be regularly updating this page with new pieces.

Please note the description on each piece & shipping on all items is additional.

No returns.


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