Partnering with skilled artisans throughout Colombia to design and produce beautifully crafted homewares and accessories, WATI was founded with the desire to support and preserve indigenous craftmanship through fair and flexible employment. 


From small beginnings, we now partner with over sixty artisans, designing original collections from our studio which go on to be produced throughout Colombia in both rural and urban communities.


At WATI we treasure the uniqueness of handmade objects, working with traditional handicraft techniques, natural materials and plant dyes, we believe the undeniably handmade textures, variations in colour and form, and slow process of each piece are all things to be celebrated and cherished.


In the Iku language Gwati – means woman, WATI was born on an adventure into remote communities of northern Colombia where we met female members of the Iku culture and were deeply inspired and in awe of their handiwork. Our name is a celebration of their mastery and the wisdom of their unique culture.





Beyond our love of craft and design, we are driven by a desire to share the exceptional stories and beauty of a country we live in and love.


WATI was founded by Jessica & Jose , partners whose vision, creativity and drive for social justice are deeply rooted in the richness of shared cultures, their experiences, lives and connections interwoven between two continents.





Most of the artisans we work with are women, their primary source of income is made from their craft, each and every one of these women have families to look after and support. Encouraging and supporting women with fairly paid and flexible work from home allows them to build economic independence whilst continuing to care for their families. Knowing that women are at the heart of their families and communities, we believe, creating better employment opportunities for them has the power to create positive social change for all.


We love colour, we also care deeply about our planet and the health and resilience of the communities we work with. For this reason, we choose to work exclusively with natural, regionally sourced dyes and sustainable local materials.


While craft is under constant threat from mass production, to know the journey of an object from raw material to final piece becomes increasingly powerful and important. We aim to offer beautiful and practical objects which honour the people, places and processes behind them, and promote the value of craft and the connection it creates.