Each of our products have unique care instructions which we advise you read carefully and follow. 
We are passionate about using entirely natural materials and regionally sourced dyes and fibres, however these can require a little more care than synthetic blended fibres or machine produced textiles.
Please see below for a list of products & how to ensure you give them the longest life possible.


Weavings can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth in the direction of the weaving, if stained a natural soap or vinegar soaked cloth can remove stains but they are naturally water repellent so are unlikely to stain. 
We recommend taking them outside regularly to shake out dust.
Do not use chemical cleaning products on your weaving. Weavings are not designed to stay wet so are not suitable for bathrooms or damp floors.
As with all naturally dyed products, colours can lighten over time when exposed to direct sunlight. 


All fique products are naturally water repellent, meaning they are unlikely to stain as they don't soak up liquids like most fibres and fabrics.
The best way to freshen up your fique mat or cushion is to shake it out and leave to hang outside or somewhere with fresh air circulating. 
In the unlikely event of it staining or if you prefer to give it a deeper clean, use a damp cloth or brush with water, Fique does not like to be soaked, and can lose its shape if left in water for a long time.


Our mirrors are made from plant dyed palm tightly woven onto a wooden frame. We want your mirror to be loved and last for as long as possible so we recommend you to dust it regularly and keep it for interior use only.

To clean you may use a damp cloth on the mirror itself but the weaving and wood are best cleaned with a brush or dry cloth and will not tolerate soaking.

As the palm has been naturally dyed black, if placed in direct sunlight it is likely to lighten over time. In the case of the mirror itself breaking it is removable and replaceable form the frame. 



Our wearable pieces are all made from locally grown cotton, the thread unlike industrial cotton has an uneven thickness and is naturally dyed by hand. This requires extra care to be taken when washing. All textiles of this sort must be hand washed in cold water with a delicate soap.