Recognised worldwide for their incredible intricacy and unique design, we offer this iconic Colombian basketry in celebration of this exquisite craft

Entirely handmade and woven from Werregue palm, the interior of these pieces are made up of individual strands of palm, then wrapped and coiled to create a solid structure from which to weave these incredible designs. 

Traditional Colombian Werregue Basketry. A large woven black and white decorative basket.

The Wounaan, native to the Choco region of Colombia have become famed for their basketry, said to be one of the most complex techniques in the world.

We work directly with two families of expert weavers to source unique pieces~ from small baskets you can hold in your hand to large scale masterpieces. As each piece is unique, you can't order from a catalogue or purchase from our shop, instead you can get in touch with us and we'll show you our current collection of treasures. 

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