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Earthen Ceramic Plates


These earthen ceramic plates are lovingly hand built by female artisans of the Guane region of Santander, Colombia.

Once the ceramics are made, using a combination of clay and local ground stone, they dry in the shade and are fired in an outdoor open kiln. The combination of the clay and stone as well as the high temperatures that these plates are fired at, makes them heat resistant.

Each one is unique, the black markings are the licks from the flames from the fire fed by the mountain winds.

Traditionally these plates are used to cook 'arepas' or traditonal corn breads on, they are great for warming or toasting foods on the stove, to serve on or as centre pieces on your table. 

Measures: (side to side)

Small - 21-23cm

Med -  27 - 30cm

Large - 32-34cm 

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